Knowledge, Myth and Magic, Consciousness and Virtual Reality

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The knowing of things has been corrupted and inverted. The more one sees the more there is to see because reality is extra-dimensional and expands with observation. I have learned things from my experiences and from the awakening that are applied everyday. In that sense, we all learn from these experiences and the intended goal is to enable one to better navigate reality.

This information is the hidden cause and mechanism that enables conscious experience. There is an occult or invisible layer of information and there is a visible layer. This is easily comparable to a computer system and the graphical user interface and the hard drive with the hidden, ‘pure’ informational aspect.

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Waterfall and mountain streams, American Basin, San Juan Mountains (range of the Rocky Mountains), Southwest Colorado USA


There is a difference 

Between living water 

And dead water



Distilled Water IS The Fountain Of Youth! Andrew Weber, October 16, 2013 (Abbreviated version)

Vinny’s Nutshell: 
If you drink a gallon of distilled water per day you can reverse the aging process, flush out accumulated toxins from your body and even get your hair color back!

The myth that distilled water leads to earlier death is just that, a myth, the truth is that the minerals some scientists allege that get depleted from your body are in fact inorganic minerals that can’t be absorbed!

“And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.”
Revelation 22:1


Distilled water is the only water which runs through…

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RICHARD X : BREAKING : Pope Francis warns the devil is an actual man … SATANN









While we are here

We will denounce accusations, name labeling,

Perceptions, and heresy which are not our stories

History is not our story

WHILE the pope sits in a palace playing with toys … his eye of Ra

You have never owned me






Pope Francis warns

The devil is an actual man

Walking amongst us




Published on 14 Dec 2017

Here we go more fuel to the fire,

Pope francis warns the devil is real, an actual man walking amongst us.


Don’t argue with the Devil –

he’s much more intelligent than us, says Pope Francis










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Soul Extinction, Lucifer and Satan (the fallen Nephilim Seed, secret coven), and the Battle between Christ and the false-authority

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

False-god Interdimensional Gene-Stealing Supercomputer and Cloned Hybrid Iconic Entities

There is something that must be said. They created a false-‘god’ entity which is a supercomputer in the shape of a cross which kidnaps people. I was only there for a short amount of time when they pulled me out but they said it would try to kill me. I’m not sure, but they have weapons that are made to trick devotees. That is what the cloned hybrids are all about as well, kali, krishna, ‘alien’ supermodel ‘lightworker’ vampires, etc etc etc.

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The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is a partial repeat. Remember, they feed on hate, so it’s important to not hate them. They are simply subhumans that were given a chance to live in a fake body in a human society and have a free-for-all and attack and rape and pillage. This is heaven for them, but they didn’t work to get here, so they have to go back and start all over and all of this is undone after the completion of the unveiling.

There are many others speaking about this now but I will not name them here because they are not always so willing to face the vampires so directly.

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Demonic Hybrid, Mind-Slave, Soulless Parasites (fake humans)

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


Fake, soulless, sociopathic, demonic hybrid, mind-slave, AI, blood drinking humans everywhere. The majority don’t even know what they are. They were inserted into this timeline and memory wiped so they could infiltrate and infect like a virus. This is the physical manifestation of the mind-virus. Literally millions of nanite, nano-bot systems all entangled in a person’s nervous system and energy system until their soul is no longer capable of operating through the vessel and then their mind is uplinked to an artificial intelligence hive mind.

There is a plan to assimilate people through this technology and if this has occurred for someone in the future then this tech cancels out their DNA and they are basically rendered inert forwards and backwards through time in the universe.

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Stars, gods and Vampires

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

There’s one who feels like a god from taking and destroying and there’s one who feels close to “God” (the creative potential) from creating and healing, it’s that simple. The whole many thousands of years of history leads up to that simple dynamic.

“Sending” Energy

Little known secret, when people “send” energy, this is actually used to steal energy and is a vampire tactic that the Illuminati bred this species to be able to perform for them. When a person “sends” energy, they can move in and actually initiate war through this process.

Channeling the Crowd

They live off of energy, this is the entire plan of religion. It’s people, mind-raping people and literally getting them to believe and produce causal reference so that the masses reproduce them into as many realities as possible.

What is the one who is in ALL, or EVERYONE’s reality? A god.

Religions create gods…

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