The Inverted Ego

The Inverted Ego

DNA Activation The Unveiling

The principle of inversion. This might be a bit of a cliff-hanger.

The ego is essentially an automatic scanning cross-referencing memory based intelligence matrix. With enough ego, a being will see itself as a portion of the world yet separate from it and will identify and prioritize the necessary steps to ensure survival.

In the current format, either we have overgrown the challenges or a distortion has developed within the consciousness system. Ego, in imbalance, BRINGS one to destruction and attracts the demise of the one unknowingly enveloped in the self-centered paradigm based on survival instincts.

This is like the system is using an outdated model which is based on another format for civilization. This may be related to the information regarding this civilization as a kind of experimental civilization in which multiple ‘format’s or times were brought together to create a multidimensional collective.

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Extraction from Simulation Through a Quantum Gateway

Extraction from Simulation Through a Quantum Gateway

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Whether or not this reality is a simulation, in one form or another, this is about the dynamic of consciousness and different rates of experience in different systems. For one system to transfer to another there must be a synchronization.

There are tricks to get people to accept the simulations. The false after life is one.

This is a rudimentary, semi-random ordered slideshow. Let me know if you would like a more complete version.

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The Trick of Holographic Consciousness, The Camera Viewing Itself, Duality and Suffering in a Soul Harvesting System

The Trick of Holographic Consciousness, The Camera Viewing Itself, Duality and Suffering in a Soul Harvesting System

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

You have been tricked into attempting to use consciousness to see the larger aspect of yourself and what you are within, which is akin to a camera using it’s lens to view itself. At best you can get a reflection, an inverted replica from a technological mirror. That is the whole point, this has literally been known for thousands of years since the beginning of ‘time’ in this civilization.

Everyone has to overcome that natural tendency to want to give into a cognitive dissonant spurred delusional reality that it is the universes fault for being overly complicated and that it is not our responsibility.

This is like a hostage situation where you are not at fault for those who have taken hostages however you are accountable every situation you get yourself into, and…

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The Orchestration of the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge

The Orchestration of the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Fear is converted into Knowledge, It’s all a blue print describing the process put into a metaphor that the universal saga of humanity can be expressed through.

Every story or conspiracy, secret or hidden truth is all part of the plan to show the truth whether it is known or not.

The truth is contained within that encrypted mystic code that is organized throughout society by society itself, by leaders, or also by the force of knowledge.

What people are made to fear by the process of indoctrination is also the truth in disguise.

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Media Guided Subliminal Afterlife Programming


DNA Activation The Unveiling

It is very challenging to most to first learn of the true reality.

Here is a snippet.

The media system is used to generate hyper-dimensional realities that are in the ‘mind’ of the collective.

The media system is literally rented out for use by various groups to control the afterlife through the insertion of subliminal program information into the collective.

The technology that is currently in use is so advanced that it can appear as every day technology.

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“Checkpoint” Amenti

“Checkpoint” Amenti

DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is a rather spontaneous talk about the “Checkpoint Amenti” and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself.

Two civilizations are hyperbolic reflections of one source.

Perception generates the directional flow of time.

Two civilizations reflect outward from an informational nexus.

Where the two eternal, unchanging fields interact through a process of light projection is formed a third property which is experienced as Earth reality.

  • Time Virus
  • Non-Linearity
  • Quantum Timeline Collapse in Previous Worldline
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Universal Recurrence
  • Time Altering Devices
  • Discarnate Spirits
  • Soul Shattering
  • Avoiding Apocalypse

The main idea here is that there are phantom timelines which are the false realities that people are subjected to where their energy is extracted from them through unwanted experiences and self-induced suffering. This is a kind of sadist system because people are more focused on their lack of power and so that is how the ‘dream’ has gone.

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Socioemotional Intelligence

Socioemotional Intelligence

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Now in the future, one is judged not by their intelligence, but by their ability to control the flow of information entering their mind, to learn and to functionally integrate the knowledge of their ignorance and their ancestors ignorance in order to overcome.

With the superficially imposed intelligence based system we have on the surface now, society conforms to a process that limits itself to the speed of the least capable on the outside, while operating on an inverse spectrum on the inside.

Here, a veneer of kindness and unity through individual collectivism is presented, yet the inner workings are always ruled by passion, power, cunning, knowledge, self-development and free-will.

Is the external implication of education and intelligence perpendicular to the true inner hierarchy of this society which is ruled by might and willingness to impress their vision upon others?

Or is that the true intelligence?

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Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

Sentient Hive Mind Technological Reflection

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Technology is an extension of mind, I said the reverse in the recording.

As well, something I didn’t touch upon is that there is already a natural collective which organizes time and knowledge through supra-consciousness and motivates the generation of new information and experiences.

Eventually the technological version is created if people fall to that. The replication of the human form is a method to anchor the soul in essence trapping the internal force in what amounts to a virtual simulation of repeating historic events and cycles.

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Cloning and Immortality

Cloning and Immortality

DNA Activation The Unveiling

A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds

You’ll have to choose a path in this world, everyone will or already has depending on your perspective. You already are choosing a path and there is no way to not choose. Everything we do is being monitored and interpreted in accordance with a plan for a new world.

Just so you know, the “Old World” is where people of ‘authority’ manipulate, coerce, and force their ‘subjects’ into alignment with their authority. That’s it. The “New World” is the situation where people can know the truth and primarily the illusion between projected authority and true, genuine power that comes from another plane of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy equals time.

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The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

The Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Cellular Regeneration and Space-Time

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Besides the political context, this is the split between the higher and lower mind that functions to ensure a default protection and manipulability of everyone involved. This is the nature of the secrets and trauma based mind control that wealth and corruption of the human nature has generated. This is the nature of the programs that were designed to produce knowledge on the nature of human history, human control, power and corruption on Earth. Every single conspiracy theory that you know of was first known by those who sought to understand this reality and the history of humanity.

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Soft-Disclosure: Otherlife (2017), Synthetic Intelligence, Virtual Reality Systems, Ancient Civilization and the True Reality


DNA Activation The Unveiling

I have seen the first few minutes of the movie “Other Life”. The information here focuses on the symbolism of the initial minutes and the connection to the general idea of AI and humanity and the projects and events that have taken place and are often reflected through media or the information of previous civilizations.

The rest of the movie is relative in a personal way in terms of how one can individually overcome the boundaries of self-control and higher intellect and emotional self-control so that the inherent challenges and threats of real to experience virtual reality technology. One could call the natural biological system an ‘organic virtual reality system’.

The idea here is through metaphor it is explained that humanity has suffered a severe mental or spiritual trauma which resulted in the vegetative state that they are in now. In this incapacitation it was decided that the formerly highly…

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Temporary Eternal Control

Temporary Eternal Control

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Paradoxes explain the truth.

With enough power, format of the ritual was expanded to encompass the entire civilization, directing energy in one direction like a strip of metal being magnetized.

Once this ‘occurs’, it is as if this system was already, always in place. That is the nature of time and consciousness as it applies to this civilization. What we see as happening one way, is actually happening the other way.

What happens the most and the ‘first’ to reach the level of ‘global’ proportions to their agenda, becomes the ‘eternity’ that the physical civilization is seemingly ‘pulled’ forth from already organized to function in that way. It is a system that automatically adapts without even requiring a mechanism to do so. The beginning is the end and the middle is in a state of suspension carefully manifested by the level of conscious awareness we have as a whole.

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