Socioemotional Intelligence

Socioemotional Intelligence

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Now in the future, one is judged not by their intelligence, but by their ability to control the flow of information entering their mind, to learn and to functionally integrate the knowledge of their ignorance and their ancestors ignorance in order to overcome.

With the superficially imposed intelligence based system we have on the surface now, society conforms to a process that limits itself to the speed of the least capable on the outside, while operating on an inverse spectrum on the inside.

Here, a veneer of kindness and unity through individual collectivism is presented, yet the inner workings are always ruled by passion, power, cunning, knowledge, self-development and free-will.

Is the external implication of education and intelligence perpendicular to the true inner hierarchy of this society which is ruled by might and willingness to impress their vision upon others?

Or is that the true intelligence?

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