DNA Activation The Unveiling

What if “Satan” was the artificial AI, a synthetic intelligence network designed as an experiment, and that “Gaia” is the organic intelligence that is based on the cloud network of every soul and connected mind?

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A False-Reality

A False Reality

DNA Activation The Unveiling

What if this reality is kept in the basement of a very large organization that runs the soul trading facilities on Earth.

What if people were literally genetically copied, and in this way kidnapped and placed into a virtual simulation system that effectively recreates that individual’s conscious experience.

What if by escaping this place and returning to real society one would be condemning themselves by initiating a real-time transfer of the experiences here into mind of the real you.

Would it be worth it?

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DNA Activation The Unveiling

What if each mind holds a view of the universe that is equally accurate? Is each mind in the universe or is the universe in each mind?

What if the internet is being used to make a mirror image and create a virtual reality for the purpose of storing literally every data point on this civilization for the use of others in the future?

What if the increase of total data generated and added per day generating a system-wide virtual that is capable of real-time monitoring and an archival system?

What if that archival system was combined with a larger system that was previously found through the discovery of an older civilization that possibly used partially or totally natural geological materials to build powerful yet simple devices that emitted and influenced consciousness the same way that the Earth generates a magnetic field?

What if biological immortality was determined to be…

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Technological Relay-Interface for Virtual and Mental Planes

Technological Relay-Interface for Virtual and Mental Planes

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Virtual systems can be created enabling a technological interface that connects directly to the ‘mind’ as a biological organ. The title refers to the original concept which I edited out of this talk. The information is connected because it’s all part of the same larger system utilizing energy and intent to influence the universe or access information.

The “House Party” concept will be defined better in another one which will talk about the methods used to access temporally non-local artificial dimensions for the purpose of diplomatic or research-military exploration. Ultimately, the metaphor is simple but won’t be gone into this one. If you have the capacity to see all of time and go anywhere, how do you determine where and when to go? You build a house in a vacant lot and play music the reflects the dimensions you want to interact with. Then change the house with an artificial…

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The Soul Trading System

The Soul Trading System

DNA Activation The Unveiling

An Overtly Designed Fraudulent System

This is a fraudulent system, this is legally martial law. However if this is not legit and never was, then where is the power from? The power the people offer is the only true power, people are still empowering this with their attention and acceptance.

Prepare for large events to change the entire playing field as this is ordained. If you know spiritual remedy and cosmic law, then you are self-ordained. Without that, they invented the legal system and the spiritual control system to keep and maintain the ‘lost’ souls who are considered victims being ‘lost at sea’ and this realm has to do with the sea as well as the birth canal of the human mother.

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Solar Warden

Solar Warden

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Solar Warden is a hyperspace-faring race of human beings who utilize cloning and holographic genetic recording/storage in order to protect their race and protect the Earth in this current situation where there are more than one factions using this technology.

They are unable to inform the human public because they are in a similar ‘mexican standoff’ situation that we are mostly all in.

If they show themselves to the public, the public will be shocked. If they public does not know this situation, that there are multiple factions fighting for control over humanity, then they will not know who to trust.

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The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge

DNA Activation The Unveiling

3 Steps to Unveiling Will and Have begun to take place.

The first phase of unveiling is the disclosure of the underground bases, the cloning and genetic hybrid experiments and the celebrity cloning situation involving programming, pay to play sex, and trauma-based mind control.

The second phase of the unveiling is the disclosure of the very advanced technology that is used for consciousness transfer, electromagnetic mapping of the entire brain structure (connectome), and the organization of events using brainchips and supercomputers that transcend the particle limits of this plane/dimension.

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Everything Is for A Reason

Everything is for a Reason

DNA Activation The Unveiling

It’s all been done.

One of the big secrets that people are going to have to handle themselves is that the cloning technology has already been activated to the point of not only influencing but making up a portion of the entire population.

This is on top of the true nature of the universe, the nature of holographic consciousness, the fractal-recursive information loops that have occurred and so on.

The origins of space and time is an aspect of the universal hidden knowledge that liberates the mind from perceptual entrainment which is a result of wilful ignorance.

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Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

Trauma Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

DNA Activation The Unveiling

There is technology that exists that allows the conscious mind to see into the subconscious. This heals trauma and distortion/programming. In the same sense, it momentarily makes all trauma and distortion seemingly tangible to the conscious mind. It is similar to a near death experience where one has to face their fears and let go. This happens in cycles and Earth is currently moving through various states of it. The plan is to allow Humanity to wake up and utilize our concentration and power to maintain a steady flow of awareness.

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DNA Activation

DNA Activation

DNA Activation The Unveiling

When the machines are active, DNA acceleration takes place at 1000x the rate that it does now. The human being is a collective of human DNA as well as DNA from beneficial bacteria which balances the harmful bacteria and yeast so that food can be digested properly and the immune system remains functioning.

When a person’s body contains parasites then the balance of Human DNA vs bacteria’s and other micro/macro-organisms changes from what it is originally.

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Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels

Dreams,Technology, Inner Space Travels

DNA Activation The Unveiling

There are inner space travels which relate to soul journeying or visions.

This is when the mind must cope with what is seen in the imagination. It is as if when we dream we are looking into the world of the mind and from this we experience many situations that are often deviations from experiences we have physically in waking life.

As a result of the dream state there is an expanded quality which equates to various strange situations that we wouldn’t normally experience with various relationships between concepts or goals that are often reflective or symbolic of ideals and archetypes we experience in life. This is how the subconscious is is witnessed by the mind. This is how information travels, being connected to many times, experiences, memories, places at once, and relates to the one experience of this life experience now (the physical experiences). Through these symbols information is…

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